Social bookmarking sites include several websites on which people can open or share the content of their websites, articles, videos, and photos. In addition, the implementation of the social bookmarking service has had a huge impact on increasing the visibility and popularity of the website among the Internet users who use social networking sites to search for new information.

Social bookmarks can introduce other sites increasing traffic and valuable backlinks to a website. This means that social bookmarks create a set of web pages that people want to keep for future reading or share with others by sharing a simple link to the bookmark page.

A social network site allows users to interact with other users to share bookmarks, send messages and comments on content. These networking sites have provided people with one way of linking, which search engines have recognised and help to rank pages in search results.

Social bookmarking sites can be an excellent source of information and also offer the opportunity to participate in discussions, leaving comments on a popular news. However, social bookmarking sites are primarily used to build a personalized collection of websites that can be returned to later.

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