Within a workplace it is very important that each team member is able to communicate with one another. This is why numerous offices have an intranet system installed. An intranet differentiates itself from the internet in a number of ways. The most crucial one is the fact that it is purely internal. Only people with permission are able to access it.

This is beneficial for teams because it allows the manager to control all aspects of the digital workspace. Everything can be tailored towards achieving a specific goal. Since productivity and efficiency are so well valued in the business world it is unsurprising that intranet systems have become so popular.

The Intranet Market

There is however one major problem. The market is saturated with services that claim to offer the best intranet available. This can make it difficult for offices to find one that truly gives them results. Luckily, Omnia provides an intranet that will appeal to a wide range of sectors. It has a multitude of applications, especially when it comes to communication between team members.

An Intuitive User Interface

The interface is one of the most important aspects of any computing system. Its ease of use will affect both short and long term productivity. Employees cannot afford to waste precious working hours grappling with a clunky interface. That is why they will appreciate Omnia intranet and its intuitive UI. It can be personalised to focus on the unique needs of the business.

Versatility Of Scenarios

Every company is different when it comes to their communication setup. Some will be fairly straightforward, whereas others can be extremely complex. Omnia intranet can cater to numerous different scenarios.

Integrating The Workforce

Offices will also look for an intranet that unites all members together so that they can collaborate effectively. Since some employees may be off-site the system needs to be compatible with smart devices. The more integrated a workforce is the more productive it will be.

Knowledge Sharing

Information sharing is at the heart of digital communication. Knowledge structures keep everyone in the loop which in turn allows them to better understand what their key tasks are. Therefore the intranet should encourage the sharing of knowledge. This is certainly the case for the product supplied by Omnia.

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