Online newsletters
Businesses can distribute the newsletter by e-mail or by posting it on their websites or intranet for other users to download. Readers need to visit the website and read the newsletter in their web browser, just as readers need to do when they visit the main page of a newspaper and read its articles online.

The average email newsletter is much more cost-effective than a blog with the same audience. As far as customer newsletters are concerned, make sure that the website is displayed on the newsletter list and indexed in search engines.

An e-newsletter with integrated sharing button for online social networking will allow users to leave comments on each article or online content, whereby all the old content is easily listed in search engines.

Social bookmarking sites
Social bookmarking sites certainly give traffic to a website and people can also get a high-quality feedback link from a social bookmark. The quickest way to have any website visited by search engines and indexed is to send the site to all popular social bookmarking sites. Other social sites for bookmarking allow users to save the title of the site, and site description with appropriate keywords.

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