In the modern world, internet communication has gone beyond facilitation of person-to-person communication over the World Wide Web; it has also facilitated knowledge sharing via internet-based applications. This time it is between apps and people via the internet resource. Among the apps that rely on this model are plant care apps.

As the name suggests, plant care apps are web apps designed to help end-users grow their houseplants the right way. These apps rely on internet communication to fetch information and relay it to the app users on demand.

Why Plant Care Apps?

The challenge for many indoor plant enthusiasts is keeping the plants alive. Some of the things that kill indoor plants include lack of or insufficient lighting, excess watering, unfavorable temperatures, lack of or excess fertilization, and crowding.

Now, ensuring that your indoor plants get what they want was the elephant in the room. But not anymore with plant care apps such as Getplanta, an iOS and Android app designed to help indoor plant growers ensure they provide the right conditions for their indoor plants. So, how exactly does this happen?

Care Schedules and Reminders

The Planta app and other similar apps eliminate the chances of you forgetting to carry out the necessary care routines, be it watering the plants, adding fertilizer, pruning, rotation, etc. These apps allow users to organize all their plants on the app and set individual care schedules depending on the species.

Importantly, you can set reminders that send you alerts whenever a care routine is around the corner. Plant care apps are the ultimate solution for houseplanting enthusiasts who don’t want to kill another plant. Remember, Plant care apps, including the Planta app, are cloud-based solutions connected to the internet, so wherever you are, you will never miss an alert.

Plant Care Apps are Virtual Botanists

Getplanta, as well as most of the plant care apps, are like virtual botanists. They leverage the internet to give you custom-tailored solutions on how you will take care of your indoor plants. One instrumental feature that these apps have is the plants’ database. They can scrape the internet to give you the exact identity of the exact plant species you have.

What’s more? The app will give you details on how to take care of the plant. Interestingly, you can also find out which are the best lighting conditions for the plant, and more so, detect any signs of disease early enough courtesy of the Dr. Planta feature. The app has all these abilities courtesy of internet communication between the Planta app and the internet resource.


Indeed, internet communication has revolutionized many fields, including houseplanting and gardening at large. With plant care apps, you no longer have to worry about the health of your indoor plants as plant care apps have been designed to leverage the internet to guide you throughout your houseplanting journey. That said, never kill a plant again; take advantage of internet communication and plant care apps to keep your plants alive and healthy!

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