Communicating with the use of the internet is quite popular among the new generation. Rather than sending letters in an envelope or writing a long Christmas postcard, members of the Generation Y and Generation Z population prefer using the newly developed internet channels to keep in touch instantly with their friends and family. With the impact of digitalisation, the new generation all around the world likes to make life easier through using the internet more effectively and regularly. The old ways of communication between the members of society have been transformed into new channels, which sometimes are radically criticised or dramatically praised. However, it is a fact that the use of internet communication has been accelerating with an unpredictable velocity. Here are the reasons why.

Internet Communication Creates a New Society

For the Y and Z generations, it is just much easier to deal with the practical problems of life if they have the communication channels offered by the internet. For example, selling a macbook pro as a second hand item might be a difficult task for an elderly person who is dependent on old communication channels because they cannot evaluate the current market value of this product after it has been used. However, for the Y and X generations, it is easier to reach this information from their internet society through social media channels. Likewise, finding a flat, a second-hand car, or another item is not a difficult task for this new generation anymore, since internet communication enables them to reach thousands of people within a second by a click.

The Possibilities of Failure are Less

The old ways of face-to-face communication have been abolished by the members of the new generation. With the old methods of communication, people were dependent more on exchanging glances, approval upon bodily gestures and physical existence of their communication partners. However, none of these is required now by the new generation, since the means of communication are constructed upon artificial, yet more efficient ways. The Y and Z generations do not need to have self-confidence or excellence in the first instance of communication. Internet communication enables them to be the person who they want, behind their wifi-connected devices and encourages them to come out from their shells whenever they feel comfortable. This artificial comfort zone lowers the possibility for this new generation to fail since they will definitely have internet or technology dependent excuses to save themselves. Therefore, the communication apps on smartphones that work with the internet protect the new generation from psychological harm and damage.

Learning New Cultures and Practices Instantly

With the diversity of internet communication apps, the members of the Y and Z generations are able to satisfy their curiosity for different cultures and far corners of the world. It is so easy to make global friends via these apps and stay in contact with them. Therefore, the newly defined internet communication channels contribute significantly to the creation of a worldwide community, which is inwardly connected to one another by the internet.

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