The internet has transformed how people do things in all spheres of life, from business to social networking. Nowadays, completing entire business transactions without meeting physically is not a foreign concept. ‘Working from home’ is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon. The practice has especially become ingrained in 2020 following the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

That said, working or conducting business remotely should not be a reason to relax professionalism. Many people take working remotely as an opportunity to do away with being presentable. Others get used to slang communication.

While these things may be fine for social interaction, they are dangerous for business. Remember that in online communication, you will often be working with strangers. Anything that raises suspicion might cause them to flee.

How to Stay Professional

Use formal language and channels of communication

Keep your language professional. Observe grammar and punctuation; avoid slang and chat abbreviation such as rn-right now, wyd-what you doing, fr- for real and other informal phrases. When writing communique, you can polish it by using resources such as cover letter accounting guidelines to achieve your goals.

When communicating for business, always opt for formal channels, mostly email. Avoid engaging through social media sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp. While these platforms are great places to initiate business conversations, always be swift to move the conversation to a formal channel. This will make you appear professional.

Have a professional look

Going online may have presented the perfect chance to ditch suits (and, thankfully, shoes), but it does not grant leave to appear unkempt. In internet business communication, you will need to have virtual video meetings through platforms such as Skype and Zoom. Your appearance at these virtual meetings is essential. Already, there have been various detrimental blips during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Whenever you have a virtual meeting, you should always prepare in advance. Do this by getting appropriate clothing. Also, practice with your equipment to ensure your camera does not highlight objects and areas you do not want to be seen in the video.

Thankfully, technology is creating apps that can help you improve your formal look. Some apps can dress you in a suit even when you are actually in shorts and a t-shirt. If you opt for this method, ensure you take time to learn how to use it correctly.

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