Internet communication is bridging the gap between doctors and the patients who undergo testing with hematology analyzers. As the web evolves, it is changing the way doctors disseminate information to, and interact with, these patients after a blood analysis. Let’s explore a few ways internet communication and telemedicine are improving the doctor-patient experience.

Remote Appointments

Remote doctor’s appointments gained popularity in 2020. One study reported that nearly 100% of respondents noted the use of remote physician support since the beginning of the pandemic. From video consultations to email, remote health is an option chosen by a significant portion of the population. The trend continues with doctors communicating remotely with patients who require testing with hematology analyzers or have other medical requirements. This trend is a convenient option for both doctors and patients.

Understanding Processes

A hematologist’s office may email a patient additional information about his upcoming visit and what he may expect. The pre-visit information may include information about the type of food a patient should refrain from consuming prior to an in-person doctor’s appointment. Internet-based mail has made it easier for a doctor to quickly communicate with patients about how to prepare for a visit to his or her office for the hematology analysis.

Disseminating Results

Hospitals leverage the power of internet communication with innovative online patient portals. By signing into his patient account, a person may review the hematology results remotely from home. Within the web-based portal, doctors provide detailed information about a patient’s results, instructions, and prescriptions. Most patient records are easily obtainable online, which simplifies the doctor-patient interaction.

Advancing internet communication is sparking an evolution in how doctors interact with patients. For those who require hematology analyzer testing, innovative processes and technology streamline the experience. As a result, patients receive a better understanding of the medical issue and how to proceed following a diagnosis.

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